The Epic Weight Loss Tool Battle

In this corner-orner-orner-orner, we have, in the blue shorts, a 1500 calorie a day calorie counting app. Hailing from the free section in the iTunes App Store, My Fitness Pal…

And in this corner-orner-orner-orner, we have, in the blue and grey shorts, a 34 point a day points tracker. Hailing from the $1.99 section in the iTunes App Store, iTrackBites (orbetterknownasimtoocheaptobuytheweightwatchersappsoigothisoneinstead)….

Let’s get ready to ruuummmmmbbbbbllllllllllllllllllllllllleee…..

For the past 2 months I’ve flip flopped between the two.

Weight Watchers is a fantastic lifestyle changer (I hate calling it a diet), and works. Really well. So why am I not sticking with it?

One word.


While I LOVE WW, it’s freaking expensive. It was justifiable when I was able to go to meetings weekly, to pay the $40something dollars a month. I LOVED their eTools. It made tracking easy. And I like easy. So if I can’t really afford the $40 a month, and can’t drive to the meetings (right now the closest one is 30 minutes away and I have no one to watch my 3 month old, so I’m not really making excuses, per se… but I’d rather not take him out in the cold in flu season if I don’t have to) is it really worth it? Their message boards are ok for advice and support, but it’s not that one on one kind of feeling you get at a meeting. I really wish they had a discount for the eTools to use. I’m not even asking for a free app, just a reasonable one. I’d be willing to pay $5-10 for the app. But sadly, it’s all or nothing with them.

So I found iTrackBites. It was $1.99 and has the same interface as WW, but not the best food database, and it’s missing the bar code scanner which makes adding food a big pain in the ass. It’s not easy, often cumbersome, and frankly, if it’s not easy I’m more likely to give it up. Yes, you can add favourite foods, but if you don’t eat the same serving size, etc, it’s harder to edit…

Then there’s My Fitness Pal. It’s a ridiculously awesome calorie tracker with an expansive database of foods both packaged and restaurant meals. And it has the barcode scanner! Winning! So you’d think this would be awesome, right?


I hate counting calories. It’s at that moment that I feel like I’m dieting. Like I have to count every calorie. For some reason, points don’t feel like dieting. Because they’re points, not calories. And everyone knows points are better. They usually get you free stuff.

So I’m stuck between a calorie counting rock and a points calculating hard place.

But I need to pick one, and I’m leaning towards WW/iTrackBites, simply for the mental aspect. But I’m worried about the ‘easiness’ factor. So if anyone is willing to donate for a membership or if WW can make an eTool App that won’t drain my wallet, I’d be one happy fat chick.


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