My Scale Is A Cruel Heartless Bitch

I hate my scale. It’s a cruel heartless bitch on Monday mornings. Yet, somehow it also motivates. But I really wish instead of numbers, my scale looked like the ones in the Special K commercials and told me I was ‘sassy’ instead of a weight.

Today, I was kind of relieved, yet annoyed. I knew over the weekend I ate bad – not a lot, but what I ate wasn’t the best choices. So as I stepped on the scale, I told myself I’d be ok with anything under 235.

Cruel heartless bitch scale came thru.


I laughed.

Oddly enough, I felt motivated.

I immediately set to tracking my food in iTrackBites and planned to drink more water today. Heck, I even squeezed in 15 mins of exercise (which has been a huge slacking point lately). Sure, it’s baby steps. But baby steps in the right direction.


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