Note To Self: Set Realistic Goals

Someone asked me yesterday how much weight I want to lose.

I sat there staring at the blinking cursor, baffled by this question. Odd, right?! I should know this answer. How many pounds? Anyone losing weight should be able to answer this in  a heartbeat.

I sat there for a moment before typing my response. It was like being asked to find the square root of 785369.

“I guess I don’t really have a weight that I want to reach, it’s more if a size. I’d like to be a 10/12”.

I sat there waiting for a reply. Sure enough it was what I expected…

“A 10/12?! Why not a 4?”

I knew it.

I quickly changed the subject. But that question haunted me…

“Why not a 4? Why not a 4? Why not a 4? Why not a 4?…”

I’m going to pull the oldest excuse ever – ‘I’m big boned, I’d look horrible’. And it’s probably a spot-on excuse.  As a size 12, I was the thinnest I had been in a long time. I teetered between 169 and 175. But I was ok with that. I no longer had to shop in the plus size stores. My shirt size was not prefaced with an ‘X’ or in some cases n “XX”. Life was good.

I’d be happy with that. I know setting a goal of a size 4 is not only unreasonable, but also unattainable. For me anyways. It would be disheartening in a way. It’s too big of a goal. Too daunting. Smaller goals seem more attainable. More reachable. More real.  I’d be setting myself up for failure, and I hate failing.

So for now, I’m happy with my short term goal of reaching 199 on my birthday (July), and a size 10/12 by October 2013.

Attainable goals…. Make em happen.


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