I Hate Weekends

Surely you’re thinking ‘this chick has lost it!’

But it’s true… To an extent. I love spending family time with TheHubs & BabyNate. But weekends and weight loss are like oil & water sometimes.

During the week I have my schedule. And thanks to BabyNate  I don’t often have free time during the day to hunt out food. Heck, I’m lucky some days if I eat more than a breakfast & lunch between 7am & 6pm. But weekends….. Weekends are a different breed.

TheHubs is home & often takes baby duty which leaves me with free time. It’s also when we do food shopping & often buy special weekend snacks. We’ve gotten better about limiting sweets to weekends only, rather than all week long. But what I fail to realize is, is just because its in the house doesn’t mean I have to eat it. Atleast not in large quantities.

It’s 2 days like that that can throw my weight loss off track like a train derailing.  I stopped myself last night, in the throws of my speed eating of grasshopper cookies, realizing that I wasn’t enjoying the cookies AND my poor blood sugar…. Which prompted an anxiety attack about my A1C level going up, then failing my GTT in April, which means a type 2 diagnosis. I put my cookie down & walked away.

I need to carry over my regimentedness to the weekends. I at least need to count points & hold myself accountable for what I’m eating… Because I’m sure each weekend will just get worse & worse if I don’t stop.

But I also want to move from sweets on the weekends to special meals.  Sure I might make cookies. But just cookies. Not cookies, cakes and candy. And chips. And more cookies.

Hopefully the little changes can help make the weekends a little more ‘weight loss’ friendly. Because, as we all know, everybody is working for the weekends.



And as a little bonus: my scale showed I was down 2.8. Imagine if I had counted points! So motivational!


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