The Old Biddy Made Me Do It

I had to run to Walmart to get some fire starters, dog food & formula. So I got Nate all ready & we headed out this afternoon.

I put him in the big part of the cart in his carseat & strategically got my items. Then in true Walmart fashion, they had 3 registers open, all 3 with lines. About 5 employees standing against the wall doing nothing… But I digress…

I get on line & this old biddy gets in line right behind me. Literally right behind me. I had put my stuff on the belt & there were 2 people in line In front if me. Old biddy proceeds to ‘nudge’ me with her cart. I tell her ‘I’m sorry I can’t move up’ & Vanna White’d the two ladies in front of me. I turn around & she rammed the cart into my Achilles.

I waited two seconds before whipping me head around. She had turned away. Fine. Whatever. I moved up as the first lady was gone & the second one was just starting to check out… i lean over the handle of the cart to talk to Nate. She hits me again. It took every ounce of my being to not push the cart back into her. This time I didn’t turn around. I instinctively grabbed a Twix bar (King sized mind you) and threw it with my stuff.

Then it was my turn, she quickly got thru my order. I was at the thing where you swipe your card, but was facing my cart since I has already swiped my card, so my back was facing the cart lady. and lo & behold I get rammed one more time in the Achilles. I turn around and said ‘really?!’
She looks at me and says ‘you could move your ass up. There’s room’

I just shook my head. Wished the fire of a thousand fire ants on her crotch (in my head of course), and left.

Got the bags & Nate in the car & without realizing it I ate the Twix. All 4 bars (I’m a big emotional eater). I didn’t even realize it.

I got home thinking ‘crap, what did I do?’ Checked my bs 2 hours after wolfing it down…


Take that shopping cart biddy!

But the biggest issue? The mindless correlation of eating a Twix with being angry. I shouldn’t associate food with feelings, but I do. And the mindless eating of it made it worse. I don’t think I even tasted it.

12 points of Twix accounted for, yet not enjoyed.


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