Fatass Reasoning: Because not all points are created equal

The other day I saw a bag of Hershey’s chocolate chips peeking out from behind some spices in my baking cabinet. My first instinct? Open the bag and eat myself into a delicious chocolatey coma.

What did I really do? I cut open the bag & ate a handful. 6 points worth of chocolate. Was it worth it? Nope, not for 6 points.

The next day I opened that same baking cabinet to grab cinnamon for my yogurt and I swear the open bag of chocolate chips spoke to me.

“Eat me!” They screamed.

So then I sat back & thought… Yes, I could keep eating the chocolate. The expensive points per handful chocolate.  Or…

I could bake 3 point cookies!

Yes. That’s where it’s at… 3 point cookies. It’s just your basic chocolate chip cookie dough – no special things. Classic Fatass reasoning right there!

So I made the cookies – weighed out the dough into 1 oz balls (I almost did .66oz balls which would’ve been 2 points each), which are pretty decent sized cookies.

I waited as they baked – they smelled delish! It was hard not diving into the batter that was waiting to be cooked – so I prerolled the cookies. Can’t eat it then! I also, once done balling the dough, filled the mixing bowl with water so I couldn’t eat the scraps of doughy goodness that clung to the side of the bowl.

I was good – didn’t taste the batter (too much 😉 obviously I snuck a small taste to make sure it was good. I also waited til TheHubs got home & we had dinner to have my 2 cookies.

Those 6 points of cookies were far better than the 6 points of pure chocolate. Going to show you not all points are created equal.


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