Self Sabotage: It’s An Epidemic Of Sorts

I can, in all honesty, say that I am the victim of self sabotage.

How? You ask.

Imagine this… I get on the scale to see a loss. Yay! Right? Right. But then I think to myself “Self, if you can lose x amount of pounds sticking to the diet to a T, you could lose a little less by letting loose, eh?” (apparently my inner self speaks in a Canadian accent).

And thus begins the cycle of not tracking points, not watching what I eat.

And then the weight comes right back.

I cry.

Eat some more.

Add more weight.


Go back to tracking points like a nutbag.

Lose weight.

Have the same innerself-outerself conversation.

Weight comes back.

I cry…

You see where this is going.

Well, this Monday I weighed in. I lost 1 lb! Yay! So I thought to myself “Self, this is awesome. Let’s stick with this f’ing diet, eh?”  And from then til now I’ve stuck to WW. Counting my points, watching my portions.

Well, out of damn sheer curiosity I stepped on the scale (which I normally try to avoid like the bubonic plague, but I was curious and the scale was right there).

I’m down another pound.

Self sabotage circle of life gets killed by the Pre-Diabetic Vegetarian.



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