It’s A Pre-St Patty’s Day Miracle!

I went food shopping by myself today. Well, not really by myself, BabyNate came, but I was the lone adult as TheHubs had some work to get done.

Normally, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but we went to Wegman’s.

And for me, that place is dangerous.

I went in armed with my list and vowed to stick to it. And by the grace of a lucky leprechaun I did.

When we got there, I hit the produce section first, then dairy, then frozen. Then I realized I was hungry. I made a bee line for my favourite area – the bulk candy! But I forced myself to keep walking. I swung back around to the bakery and ALMOST picked up a cookie. Well, I picked it up, it just didn’t make it into my cart. Then I walked by the heavenly, somewhat warm donuts. I kept walking. I swung back to their organic-gluten free-vegetarian section and almost got a box of snacks.

Then, realizing I was running late, I just went to the cashiers and unloaded my groceries on the belt. I caught myself looking at the candy that they put by the registers. I contemplated justifying a candy bar for a lunch. I mean, chocolate is a bean (vegetable!), it has milk in it (dairy!) and it had nuts in it (protein!), but alas, the Hershey’s bar stayed where it was. On the shelf.

I left there with no candy. No donuts. No cookies. Nothing.

I must say, I’m quite proud!


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