0.8 in 3 Days

I weighed myself on Friday. I was the same as when I did my ‘real’ weigh in on Monday- 228.2.  Awesome.

Then this morning hit.


“Ugh. I have no idea what went wrong this week”, I said to myself as I stepped off the scale.

Big lie.

I KNEW what it was.

Lack of self control. And pasta.

I made kale & ricotta pasta, which should be healthy & delish, right? Right. Except you forget to add that it’s healthy & delish when you don’t eat the whole gosh darn casserole dish in a week.

It is also a well-known fact that drinking water helps you lose weight. I know this. But I drank very little water from Friday into Sunday. Why? I have no idea.

Stepping on the scale this morning gave me a swift kick in my Fatass to get my Fatass in gear.


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