A Weigh In Conundrum Of Sorts

So, last weeks weigh in brought me a 0.8 GAIN. Yes. Gain.

This week I vowed to do better. But somehow I managed to screw the pooch. Again.

I stepped on the scale yesterday, Easter Sunday, the day before my ‘official’ weigh in. I was shocked. Illuminated on the scale was 228.8. I was down 0.2! I’d take that.

Then comes this morning – official weigh in day. Against every fibre of my being, I reluctantly stepped onto the scale.

When the scale finally stopped calculating my weight I looked down at the glowing blue screen, muttered a few choice words to the scale, sighed and stepped off. I should’ve listened to my fibres!


So, at first I decided to go halfsies and split the difference, putting me at 229.8. A gain of 0.8. But I feel guilty. Real guilty. Not that anyone can check my weight since I’m not weighing in at meetings, but still, the internal guilt meter jumped up to super guilty. Cheaters never win.

What do I do? Record today’s true weight? Go halfsies? Skip the weigh in? Change my weigh in day (because giving myself another day seems like a logical way to not see that gain)?

Then, like the ghost from Christmas past, a voice spoke to me……

“Log the 230.4, fudging it is not the answer…”

Dammit, she said fudge.

So, being the honest, trustworthy person I am, I erased my 229.8 entry and typed in 230.4.

Now, time to erase the 2.2lb GAIN.


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