My Brain Needs An ‘Are You Really Sure?’ Button

Because today was NOT a good idea.

Why? You ask…

Well, I decided against counting points for the 4th day in a row. Why, I have no idea. And decided to use Myfitnesspal.

For some reason, I’m a cheap biotch when it comes to points. I hate wasting them on crap. But calories…. oh calories don’t count! So, if you go over, the number turns red. But with WW, you can make that red go away by using weekly points.

And I hate wasting my weekly points on crap.

So, today I started out by logging my breakfast on both. Great, right?


Then it spiraled down from there. A graham cracker here. A rice cracker there. A spoonful of frosting. You get the idea.

Heh, I had been doing so well, why did I need to track? Pfffft. I got this.

Yeah, not so much.

Not to mention I feel like poop right now after eating stupid crap all day. That’s my punishment. A sour stomach.

So, my brain does need a filter of sorts. It needs to ask me, especially if I haven’t had any coffee yet, if I’m really really really really sure this is a good idea.


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