10 Pounds and Tomatoes

I finally hit a 10 lb loss! Yay!!!

I realized that while I LOVE the WeightWatchers program, it’s just not working for me with having to balance carbs & proteins, and the like. So I’ve gone back to tracking on MyFitnessPal and for the past 2 weeks, my weight gain has been about the same as on WW. Bonus!


This afternoon, I had to go in the fridge to get something I needed to make dinner.  I needed tomatoes… easy right. They should be in the veggie drawer. Pulled out the drawer, no tomatoes… So then I scoured the fridge and pulled out the nifty slide out shelf.

And there it was in all its glory, next to the tomatoes.

I caught sight of leftover key lime cake… I decided the best thing for the cake, and myself, was to throw it out.  It ’twas a small piece, but a piece of evil key lime cake. Better served in the garbage than in my belly…


I ate it.

I wasn’t hungry. Didn’t feel like eating it. Actually thought to myself with cake in my mouth “self, why are you eating this?’ But I did. And it wasn’t even good. Normally instead of throwing it out I’d eat half or more-why waste cake, right?! And why were the tomatoes in the back of the fridge?!?! If I didn’t need tomatoes, this wouldn’t have happened.

Old habits die hard, I guess…


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