Flurries Don’t Hold Me Back… Well, Maybe. But Not For Long!

I derailed over the weekend.

But rather than let it seep into Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, I started fresh Monday morning.

I went back to my normal breakfast, instead of french toast cooked by TheHubs. I ate my normal lunches, instead of lunches out. Back to drinking 16 cups of water, instead of diet soda. And I ate my normal dinner, instead of a feast of crab legs, scallops and a baked potato the size of my chihuahua.

I stopped the bad habits dead in their tracks. They’re not allowed in Mondays. No exceptions.

I also didn’t use the cold weather as an excuse. Well, except for Monday cause it was flurrying. Yeah. Today, even though it was too chilly for our 10am walk, I managed to get BabyNate to nap in his crib (!!) and did a walk/jog in place in my living room for 25 mins. Then, later, it warmed up a bit and we did our 130pm walk as normal. I felt quite accomplished.

And frankly, it feels good.


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