Because Noone Is Perfect

I ate way over my calories this weekend. WAY over.

But it’s ok. It’s just 2 days.

I tried really hard to not let Saturday’s mistakes happen on Sunday, but they did. I started out with good intentions – back to my morning yogurt and coffee. But lunch time, I was starving and we were out and stopped at Wendy’s. Thankfully, I did somewhat make a better choice of getting the 6 piece nugget instead of the 10 piece. And a medium fry instead of the large fry.

But 700something calories later, I felt bad.

So when we got home I walked for 45 mins, and did some yardwork. Instead of having the pasta and meatballs that were left over, I opted for strawberries and cottage cheese.

Thankfully the damage wasn’t as bad as Saturday’s, but it’s still damage.

And now that I have my scale in lockdown, the only logical thing to do is assume that I gained 5lbs over the weekend and now need to work my fatass off to correct my fatass faux pas.


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