Diet Amnesia.

Because it sounds better than “man, I just fucked up my diet

Diet amnesia: the complete lack of regards to continuing your healthy eating when outside if the home.

I has it.

I don’t know what it is. I literally bust my ass all week. Eat really well. Walk twice a day. Enjoy a sweet at bedtime maybe twice during the week.  I work so fucking hard.

Then I blow it.

It’s like I leave my house and all of a sudden I forget that a towering tower of towering onion rings will KILL my calories for the day. Or that the loaded garden burger may not be low in calories as one would think.

It’s almost like I get mesmerized by the strategically placed food items on the menu, the colorful appetizers, the wonderfully described entrees that can make your mouth water just reading it. I lose any and all self control that I may have had.

I lose it.

And thus, any progress I made during the week is gone. Gone.

So, what is the cure for diet amnesia? Is there one?

I’m not sure. But I’m tired of making the same promises every Monday, that I won’t do the same thing next weekend and then when we go out on Saturday and Sunday I eat like I’ve been starving for months.

I’m tired of seeing my weight plateau.

I’m tired of stalling.

I’m tired of failing. Failing myself.

So I’m making one last promise. I will not have diet amnesia next weekend. I WILL eat better. I will make better choices. Even if TheHubs has to smack me upside the head with the menu.


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