You’re Not The Diet Boss Of Me

It’s expected.

The moment you say that you’re trying to lose weight, everyone and their freaking grandmother has something to say about it.

Oh, you’re doing WeightWatchers? You know diets don’t work, right?

WeightWatchers isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change…”

but you use points. You’ll just eat cake for lunch and ice cream for dinner…counting calories works better.”

“I’ve done the same thing with calories…”

*blank stare* *mind blown*


I’ve been told counting calories won’t work, low carb won’t work, try Atkins, don’t do South Beach, eat veggies, don’t eat fruits, don’t eat carbs past 6pm, don’t eat carbs before 9am, eat less than 500 calories for 2 days then gorge for the next 5, drink shakes, don’t eat whites, eat only leafy greens… I could go on and on with the nonsolicited dietary advice I’ve been given.


You’re not the diet boss of me.

Sometimes you have to be in the right frame of mind for things to work. And by things, I mean diets.  I need to be there mentally. Committed mentally to making lifestyle changes, not dieting. Committed to making small changes that stick. And accepting that things are not always perfect and the broccoli isn’t always greener on the other diet.

Hence why I’m going back to WW. It works. For me. Counting calories did work for a bit, but then the convenience of scanning my food left me ‘food blind’, not paying attention to labels. Not looking at what I am eating. Doing WW forces me to look at labels, rather than glancing them over. I have to manually calculate my points by entering in fat, protein, carbs and fibre. I can’t just scan my food. (FTR, I use iTrackBites that has a small database, so I have to enter in my foods and save them to my list of favourites, there is no scanner like on the WW app).

So it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be swapping out some 15 point red velvet cake for a modest 9 point dinner.


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