OMFG I Didn’t Eat Fries?!

Surely this is the end of the world those Mayans were talking about…

I met TheHubs for lunch today, and we went to Burger King. I wanted so badly to be good – stay within my points and stay veggie.

I scanned the ginormous billboard of food and I came a hair away from saying “Screw this, I’m eating fries dammit!”.

But I didn’t.

I caught a glimpse of the words VEGGIE BURGER in green coloured font and it piqued my interest.

Then I did the unthinkable……..

I got apple slices as a side?!

Blasphemy. BLASPHEMY!!

Yes, the veggie burger was an obnoxious amount of points. And the free apples saved me. But even more importantly, I was proud of myself for making this change. It’s a big step for me not to get fries, so this is a big victory for me.


One thought on “OMFG I Didn’t Eat Fries?!

  1. Congrats girl!! It’s so hard to resist food that’s right in front of your face. I really struggle with that. Pat yourself on the back – you deserve it!! Celeste 🙂

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