Infuriatingly Inspirational

Losing weight is hard.

After having a baby it’s harder.

I see women on my birth board dropping weight like crazy getting to or below their pre preg weight. They look amazing. I saw things in my head when I see photos of them in bathing suits and the like. Not bad things, per se. But it makes me angry. Angry and sad.

I see photos on Instagram of some of the birth board mommies & others who I follow. They all look fabulous.

I look at myself & I don’t see that.

I see fat. Lots of fat.

Now, normally that would be enough to make me drive to the store, buy a box of cookies (Golden Oreos are my guilty pleasure), 2 candy bars and a diet coke (because I’m trying to lose weight, you know) and eat most of that on the drive home in the car. Then be filled with regret and acid reflux.

But not anymore.

Those pictures that made me sad and sometimes angry, I’m now using as fuel.

Fuel to work out harder, eat better and live better.


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