My Ode To WW…

Because it works…

WW is absolutely the BEST lifestyle (not diet) change that I could’ve made back on February 25, 2013 (which WILL be my FINAL rejoin date ever). Not only is my weight loss steady (great for maintenance once I hit goal), but I feel better mentally and physically. No other diet plan or gimmick can do this.
WW teaches you about portions, control, indulgence, creativity, and the ability to make a dinner out of 6 points! There are many a night where I have 10 points left, 4 of those reserved for my snack, so I’m left with 6 points to work with. The 0 point soup is INVALUABLE on these nights. INVALUABLE.
With WW, I don’t have the jittery feeling from pills, I’m not carb deprived to the point I want to push over someone to steal their candy bar, and I don’t feel hungry or stuffed. I am not relying on door-to-door delivery of frozen processed packaged foods.I don’t have a diet consisting of liquid from a can.
I am eating REAL food. In somewhat decently sized portions. I’m a bit frugal with my points, so I make better choices. Healthier choices. My meals are bulked up with fresh veggies. I don’t feel guilt grabbing a handful of grapes when I raid the fridge looking for food.

Earning activity points is so invigorating. Adding calories to my diet tracker just makes me want to eat more calories. I don’t like eating my APs. I like to keep them bright and shiny at the top of my tracker. APs are my trophy WW husband, sotospeak. You can see him, but you can’t touch him. Him being the points.

WW allows me to still eat like a human. To be able to go out to a restaurant and not hem and haw over a menu. WW keeps it real.

So there you have it, my testiment to the wonderfully awesome WW program.

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