Reflecting on my 6 month post partum GTT

I don’t think I ever posted my actual GTT results….

So come with me as I jog down memory lane…

My A1C is my big saving grace right now! It’s back down to a 5.2 (I believe it was up to a 5.6 in December? I can’t remember off hand).
My GTT was borderline:
Fasting 104 (100 or less)
1 hour 203 ( 200 or less)
2 hour 160 (140 or less, 140-160 = impaired glucose tolerance)
So I’m labeled as ‘impaired fasting/glucose tolerance’. Not diabetic. No monitoring my BS, no special diet, nothing! I’m officially done with diabetes… For now!
I feel like I dodged a big bullet here… She said because my numbers on the GTT got better from last time, and that my A1C is well within their normal limits (4.2-5.6) that they can’t techinically diagnose me as diabetic.
So I just have to go annually to get my BMP done (basic metabolic panel – thyroid, A1C, RBC, WBC, etc….) with my regular dr, and that I only need to see her again if I get pregnant.

Reading that makes me motivated to keep going…
Sometimes you just need to be reminded of what could’ve been to keep you going.


One thought on “Reflecting on my 6 month post partum GTT

  1. That must be such a relief! I had gestational diabetes and it made me miserable so I can only imagine how it is to deal with it in everyday life. I’m doing a happy dance for you!

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