Fondue = Fundue. And 33 Points

As a pre-birthday lunch, TheHubs took me out to TheMeltingPot.


We did the 3 course (cheese fondue, salad and chocolate fondue).


The cheese fondue… Was freaking awesome. We got the gruyere one and I ate almost all of the veggies and about 1/2 the bread. The veggies in the cheese were actually better than the bread.

Then the salads…. Pretty meh. I mean, it’s a salad.

But then…




Yes. Very well done TheMeltingPot. Very well done. The chocolate dippers were awesome. Graham cracker covered marshmallows = ingenious.

After we left there we did another 1.5 hours of walking in the mall. I didn’t even think about points until we got to the car.

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was regret, anxiety and graham cracker covered marshmallows.

I logged my walking first. A modest 12 points earned.

Then came the meal…

11 points for the cheese fondue.
5 points for the salad.
19 points for the chocolate fondue.

Total=33 points.

Thank goodness it was an awesomely decadent meal.


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