Stop Eating Your Feelings….

Today, I got some bad news… It doesn’t look good for my Grandmother… My mom doesn’t think she’ll be with us much longer…

So yes. I got upset.

I thought about scarfing down some cookies. OR some ice cream. or both.

But instead I DM’d my accountability partner/Twitter BFF. I wrote a post on my GD board. And now I’m here.

I didn’t eat my feelings. I didn’t console myself with an oreo (or 12).

I’m not going to drown my feelings in a puddle of wallowing and junk food.


3 thoughts on “Stop Eating Your Feelings….

  1. Chelley, Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I gained a lot of weight comfort eating after my dad passed away. Lots of wings and beer followed his passing. I’m glad to hear you’re making good choices for yourself during a time of grief and stress.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about troubled times. You are very brave for writing about them. Keep strong. The cookies only make you feel better for less than a second. You don’t need that stress on top of everything else.

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