It’s The Little Things…

Today I fit into a shirt.

Sure, you’re thinking no big deal, right? It’s a shirt. You wear shirts everyday…

But since most of my tops were worn while I was pregnant, they’ve lost their elasticity and are just stretched out shirts… REALLY stretched out. Stretched out to the point that they need to find their way to the garbage can. I hate my wardrobe, but can’t stomach to buy new clothes. But I have a few shirts that I haven’t worn since before I was pregnant, but haven’t had the courage to pull them out of the bottom drawer.

But this is a shirt that I’ve not worn since Feb 2012 (right before I found out I was pregnant), and even then it was a little on the ‘form fitting’ side.

But not today… not today…

I was out of my stretchy shirts, so I reluctantly pulled this one out of the bottom drawer. I hesitated for a moment… but pulled it on.

It fits. It’s a little ‘loose’. But it FITS.Proof that even though my weight loss is stalling/slowing down a little that my hard work is paying off.

I have 2 Braves shirts that were a little tighter than my beloved Bulldogs one, and a Frankie the squirrel’s fireworks one… Part of me is tempted to try them on… but another part of me knows that baby steps and one win at a time is better. Maybe next week I’ll try one on. But for right now, I’ve won a small battle.

And I feel amazing.


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