Fat Goggles. I Has Them.

So today I almost hit a milestone. The 20lb milestone. I’m at 19.2lbs lost. The lowest weight I’ve been in almost 2 years.

So why can’t I see it?

Why don’t I see progress?


Fat goggles. They’re like beer goggles, but not really. They make you not see any progress. They make you still look fat.

We have one full length mirror in our guest bedroom on the door. I don’t go in there often, so I don’t stare in that mirror. But when I’m out, and catch my reflection, I still see myself, 20lbs heavier.

Instead of Elaine’s skinny mirrors, I got fat mirrors.

So I sat down and looked. Really looked. My reflection looks the same, almost. Almost?


My forearms aren’t very sausage like anymore. My wrists seem, uh, thinner? And my thighs seem a bit trimmer. My yoga pants were slightly looser, but I always attributed that to wearing them whilst pregnant.

I think. So I got up, went into the guest room and looked. Stared. I stared for a good 3 mins. I tried to see what I had just saw not but 4 mins ago.

I blinked a few times.

And there it was.

A slightly thinner silhouette. Barely thinner, but noticeable.


I see it.

This is why I’m glad I took before photos. I’m going to take some at 20lbs down, and maybe I’ll see it again.


2 thoughts on “Fat Goggles. I Has Them.

  1. I started to get sad as I was reading that you aren’t seeing any changes and then when I got to the end, I was delighted for you. Pick up something that weighs 20 pounds. It really helps put weight loss into perspective. You’ve lost 20 lbs! That’s worth celebrating! I’m so excited for you! Keep it up girl!

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