A Loose Ring

TheHubs, BabyNate and I had lunch at the park today. I love meeting TheHubs during the day – he loves spending time with BabyNate, especially mid-workday.

On the way home, BabyNate fell asleep. I knew I had 21 points left for the day, with 15 of those allotted for dinner (calzones…… YUM!). McDonalds has ice cream cones. Its hot outside… see where I’m going?

It’s 5 points for a cone.

In the midst of thinking about the lovely vanilla cone I was playing with my mother’s ring. It’s loose. Loose to the point it slides. Even in hot muggy weather where my fingers usually resemble Vienna sausages.


I opted for a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

Can I get a ‘hells yeah?’


2 thoughts on “A Loose Ring

  1. You’re past few posts have helped me gain perspective and get back on track with my own weight loss journey. Also with WW 🙂 even when I plan to sabotage myself I think about someone else going through the same thing and it sets me back on track..thanks!!

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