Adventures With Tabbouleh

Normally I’m a pretty boring eater. The plainer my food – the better. I don’t like salt on my foods, or any weird herbs, none of that foofoofancy stuff.

So I shocked myself by making some tabbouleh. However, in my defense, I thought I bought a box of just the grains. Not a box with a wonderfully fragrant spice pack.

Tabbouleh is super easy to make (add hot water & place covered in a fridge for 1/2 hour).

I opened it midway to stir it…it smelled delightfully minty and fresh. and herby. Can’t forget that it smelled herby too.

I patiently waited the half hour, spooned out a serving into a dish with diced tomato and cucumber, added 1oz of reduced fat feta and a dollop of oikos cucumber dill greek yogurt dip. And a few chia seeds for some panache.


Its divine! A wonderfully cold lunch that wasn’t too heavy and tasted amazing!

It was 5 points, but it was a fairly hefty portion, but light enough in this heat to not weigh you down.

It’s def something I plan to add to the list of vegetarian side dishes!


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