Baby Steps

I took a big baby step today…

I ‘recycled’ some of my overly stretched tank tops into dust rags. I wore them while I was pregnant. They have a permanent ‘belly’ stretchmark. They’re seen better days. Much better days.

And yes, I cut them so that I won’t ever wear them again.

Granted, it’s just 3 tanks, but it’s a big step in not feeling compelled to wear those horribly stretched out tanks. They had gotten so bad that they had lost any and all elasticity they may have had at one point in time. I constantly wore them, and felt rather frumpy. Frumpy makes me sad. Sad makes me want to eat. So I got rid of the thing that made me sad – the stretched out tanks.

It’s funny how liberating it can be to rid your wardrobe of such items.


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