I Had S’mores For Dinner Last Night…

And when I weighed in this morning I was down 1.2lbs!!!

Yes, 9 points on s’mores may seem excessive to some, but you need to indulge. And count your points for said indulgences.

There was a time, long ago, where I’d throw days like yesterday down the drain. Not count points. Declare it a free day. Eat everything in site.

But I realized… Who is that hurting most?

Yep, me.

I was my own sabateur. My own worst weight loss enemy.

But now I hold myself accountable for what I eat, even if it means dipping into my weeklies. Even if it means logging points for a peanut butter binge.

And yet I STILL lose weight.

Holding myself accountable makes me more cautious of what I eat.  Like last night… I had 9 points of s’mores. I could’ve had more. I could’ve came back in the house and ate a full dinner. But I didn’t. I ate some free veggies, drank water & called it a night.

One of the many reasons why I love WW.


2 thoughts on “I Had S’mores For Dinner Last Night…

  1. I wish I could eat s’mores and not have it stab me in the back! Are you doing weight watchers?

    Right now, I’ve been mainly keeping a dark chocolate bar and at night I have 4 pieces of it which totals to 130 calories. If I happen to have any sweets during the day I don’t eat the the 4 pieces though. It’s been helping me not binge and go on a sweetfest, which I know will happen if I stop myself from completely eating sweets.

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