Because Everyone Needs A Partner In Crime

Weight loss is hard. Emotionally and physically. One thing I LOVED about going to WeightWatchers meetings was the support there. I loved my leader, she’s super supportive and will kick you in your pants when you needed it. (shout out to Tammy!)

But due to some financial constraints, I’m doing WW at home. While TheHubs is VERY super supportive, and constantly gives me compliments and pushes me when I want to quit or shove cookies in my face. But he’s a man. Weight loss is VERY different for men. All he does is cut out soda and he loses 20lbs.

But women…… I look at the bakery section and BAM add 5lbs. I walk down the cookie aisle. BAM! add another 5lbs…. women and weight loss are often like oil and water.

And that’s where support comes in. An accountability buddy of sorts. Someone who understands the emotional eating, monthly ‘friends’ that make you want to eat your weight in chocolate, someone who gets how hard it is to fit into a mold that society thinks we need to be in to be attractive but we don’t want to fit in that mold…

I found that person.

She’s been a rock, someone I can say ‘hey, don’t let me eat anymore’ and she’ll set me straight. She’s also comiserated with me over ridiculous indulgences and stupid choices. She’s someone I consider a really really good friend, one of my closest. Half the times we both have the same exact story. Our backgrounds are similar with weight loss and eating habits. She gets me, I get her. It’s crazy.

Even crazier?

I’ve never met her.

I found my weight loss partner in crime via twitter. And to be honest, I can not recall our first interaction at all… Sad, I know. But I feel like I’ve known her forever. It was funny as we started talking to see exactly how much we had in common. It was scary.

But even though we’re a few hundred miles apart, the support is there just as strong as if we were only a few miles apart. I know I can count on her to tell me to “staaaaahhhhhppppp eating” the same as she can count on me to talk her off a food fiesta. We provide much needed support to each other, pats on the back, goofy phrases to stay motivated, and the will to succeed. We get the emotional eating, and we know that one bad day isn’t going to make or break our losses.

Weight loss is hard, but when you have someone to hold yourself accountable to and support, it makes it that much easier knowing that someone else is going thru the same things.

Much love to my weight loss partner in crime, Chrissy!


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