Chinese buffets bring on diet amnesia and water retention

I swore off Chinese buffets, I know. But hot damn, last nights dinner was awesomesauce with a side of regret. And Chinese donuts.

While I had planned on dinner out, TheHubs sprung the buffet on me. Knowing I had racked up 61 activity points this week gave me a cushion. A big cushy cushion.

Maybe too big of a cushion.

So I ate.

Instead of being a good WWer and starting with a salad, I opted for vegetable fried rice, vegetable lo mein and vegetable spring rolls.

And Chinese donuts. Those pillowy soft doughy balls of goodness get me every time. Every. Damn. Time.

Yeah….. So not diet friendly.

So after 3 plates I was stuffed. Felt stuffed. Bloated. Tired. Walking to the car felt like I had run a marathon.

Why? Why don’t I read something like this before going in? Why did I not tweet my accountability buddy? Why didn’t I stop?

Because it was fucking delicious…. That’s why.

I’ve learned to not beat myself up over nights like that….. And it was hard to phathom getting on the scale this morning.

I know I’m retaining water like the Hoover dam.

But I owned up to my guesstimated 35 point ooooopsie.

I got on that scale.

And smiled.

Down .4…. Not the biggest weight loss, but it was a thousand times better than all my nightmares had anticipated.

Now if I can avoid Chinese food for a few weeks hopefully I can see some bigger losses. But I’ll take what I get.


One thought on “Chinese buffets bring on diet amnesia and water retention

  1. CHINESE FOOD IS THE DEVIL! Is there anything more delicious in this entire world than sweet ‘n sour chicken? I do not believe so. Except maybe these Chinese donuts you speak of. Gahhh. What a cruel world we live in, a place where the most blissfully tasty things are the worst for our thighs. Dammit!

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