Size 19?

So, remember those size 18 jeans that I wanted to fit into?

Well yesterday was the day I decided to try them on. I’m just about 25lbs down, so I figured what the heck? Right?

Last time I couldn’t get them past mid-thigh, and that was about 20lbs ago. I didn’t anticipate them travelling much further this time. I knew buttoning them was out of the question. It was just a matter of how far up they’d go without splitting.

So I pulled them out of the closet and laid them gently on the bed. Imagine if you will, the music from an old Western shootout.

I stared at the jeans. The jeans, if they had eyes, stared back.

I pulled them on. And to my amazement…

I got them all the way on!! I know, right? Shocking.

Buttoning them wasn’t going to happen, but they were on, and fit.

So then I got cocky…. I ran downstairs to show them off to TheHubs (who commented on my shrinking derriere), then ran back upstairs.

And I grabbed my khakis. My size 20 khakis.

I wore them the year before I got pregnant, and let me tell you….. painted on khakis are NOT a good look. But I wore them anyways.

So I took the jeans off, lovingly placed them back on the hanger and in the closet and threw on the khakis.

Loose as a long necked goose.

They fit…. PROPERLY.

Now, I can officially retire my maternity jeans.

cue Taps…..


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