Not letting a slip turn into a slide…

I weighed in yesterday – losing .4, which I should be happy with, right? As long as the numbers are going down, that’s what matters.

But I had done the same as last week – almost identical APs and weeklies, so I was a bit disappointed.

Well, pair that disappointment with it being that time of the month and a Chinese buffet and there is your weight loss perfect storm.

Then, after using 25 points at the buffet, we had crab legs for dinner. With coke slaw. And salt (WTF was I thinking?!) potatoes. And corn. And butter. And another 22 points burned (but hey I counted those-progress in tracking & accountability). Totalling almost 30 weeklies used.

I woke up this morning swollen. I expected as much. So why did I get on the scale? Accountability? Torture? I’m not exactly sure, but I stepped on anyways.

I was up 1.2, which I’m aware is almost all water retention (thanks Chinese buffet of sodium).

Again, leaving me in a deficit position to battle the water weight.

As long as I don’t make stupid choices this week I should be ok….


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