Let’s keep it real

This week SUCKED.

I was bad. Super bad.

I ate. A LOT. I scavenged the fridge like a hungry bear almost every day. And to my dismay – nothing new ever appeared in the fridge. I ate peanut butter by the spoonful. Shoved a handful of lentils in my mouth (not at the same time cause that’s just gross). I ate out of boredom. Stress. Anxiety.

It’s also that time of the month, and every since BabyNate was born, the few days before I get RAVENOUS. Like a bear out of hibernation ravenous.

But I tracked every damn piece of food. I walked. Not as much as I would have liked to to erase the damage. But I walked.

The ravenous feelings are gone.

I just hope the scale is kind tomorrow.


One thought on “Let’s keep it real

  1. I can so relate. There are some months, that I feel I have a bottomless pit in my stomach!! Which leads to me to feeling bad, which leads to eating more!! It’s a horrible cycle!! Hang in there!! It’ll all work out in the end!!!

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