No one likes a cocky weight watcher

Especially the scale.

It all started August 17th. That week I used 53 weekly points (I’m allotted 49 per week). Was over by 4. I did earn 43 activity points to kinda balance it out. So in reality I probably only used 10 weeklies.  I lost 1.2lbs that week when I weighed in on the 24th.

So I got cocky.

And I ate. And ate. And ate some more.

The next week, I used 73 weeklies! Earned 48 activity points, so roughly I used 25 weeklies.

And I had the inevitable happen.

I gained.

One pound. But it was a gain. The first gain since March.

I knew it was bound to happen. I pushed my limits too many times over the past month. I got comfortable.

Too comfortable.

So what did I do this weekend?

I ate. A lot. Using up my weeklies, and then some.

Normally, I’d say ‘screw it’ and finish off the week with cupcakes and candy.

But there will be none of that for the rest of the week. I NEED to get my self control back and thank my lucky stars I walked away with minimal damage on the scale.


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