FOUND: My Will Power AND My Motivation

The last week and a half was rough. I let myself go. Didn’t hold myself accountable. Got too cocky. Paid the price.

My beloved iPhone also died a miserable death (I dropped it on my walk, tripped and stepped on it). So there went my iTrackBites app. Yes, I probably have the points of everything in my pantry memorized. But I gave up. Why bother tracking when I can’t physically track it? (TheHubs kindly gave me his iPhone since we only use them as iPods since we cancelled our cell service, but I digress…) I couldn’t remember how many weeklies I had, or how many APs I earned.


But this morning was different.

I felt motivated. I felt strong.

I decided to start fresh right now. Not Saturday morning when my points reset. Now.

I know there will be damage on the scale this week – hopefully not too much.

I have 9 lbs to reach my halfway mark.

I can’t lose what I’ve accomplished.


3 thoughts on “FOUND: My Will Power AND My Motivation

  1. Way to go for getting back on the bandwagon! I haven’t tracked my meals for the last 3 weeks since my surgery but I got back on the horse yesterday, tracked my meals and worked out for an hour. I’m 11 pounds away from my goal weight. We can do this!

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