I almost called this post “I…

can’t stay motivated”.

But I HATE negatives.

I just can not seem to keep my focus. I get derailed by cookies. and biscuits.

I have no self control. No will power.

My weight loss has stalled a bit. I’ve become lazy. Unmotivated.

And it hurts. I saw progress, and now this. Self-destruction.

I need to wake up tomorrow with a fresh start. Clean crisp air in my lungs. Healthy food in my belly.


3 thoughts on “I almost called this post “I…

  1. This is where we have to hold on to our determination, motivation only lasts for so long, at least for me. And even then, sometimes my determination goes out the door too! As long as we never fully give up. I have been on that, lost path for almost a year now, I THINK I’ve finally kicked it. Hang in there, you’ll get through this!!

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