Lack Of Technology Will Not Derail Me…

So if you remember, I broke my beloved iPhone. So until the money in our PayPal account becomes available, we’re sharing TheHubs’ iPhone. Or rather, he’s letting me use it 99% of the time.

Well today he needed to take it to work to take photos of stuff he’s working on… So I was left phoneless. Alone. Technology deficient. Isolated from the world. And other assorted dramastical analogies….

How would I log my food? Sure, I know the points value of every damn thing in my pantry, freezer & fridge.

But how would I keep track?! Yes, I can do simple math in my head AND I can use paper and pen… But….

How will I cope without seeing how many points I earned on my walk? The same damn amount of points I earn on every walk…

I had a rebuttal for every excuse.

I would not let the lack of my tracker derail me.

So I ate what I knew points for. And that included a lot of free veggies. I walked & knew after 75 mins of moderate walking I earned about 7 points. I kept a tally in my head.

And knowing how many points I ate helped me with our impromptu take home dinner from Wegman’s.

I did not let this lack if technology ruin my day…..


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