Don’t Judge Until You’ve Walked In My Shoes


THIS got me all twitterpated today(I blacked out the name to protect the tweeter).

Don’t assume.

Unless you have been overweight and tried to lose weight you HAVE NO IDEA how hard it is. Emotionally and physically. It’s draining. It’s not as easy as ‘just eat salads’ or ‘cut out breads’. There ARE food addictions, eating disorders. All hinder weight loss.

I’m in the ‘morbidly obese’ BMI range. I take up 1.5 seats on the train, subway, or plane. Do you know how fucking embarrassing it is? To hope & pray to whatever deity is there that no one booked the seat on the plane next to me?! Do you know the anxiety it causes? The fact that I feel horrible that my hips fall into the seat next to me? And that poor person and myself feel awkward?

And the staring. I can tell you about 99% of the people who don’t know me assume that I’m fat because I’m lazy & eat junk food. I can’t tell you how many people, grown adults mind you, stare when I eat. Or when I’m sitting in the subway or bus.

It took me a long time to do things in public – like eat. In middle school I refused to eat in the cafeteria in front if people because I got made fun of. So I’d eat in the bathroom. Or not at all. I was teased and had thoughts of ending it all at 13. THIRTEEN.

In high school I was still teased. Gym class was pure torture. Eating in front of people didn’t happen.

But I’ve overcome that. Along with bouts of anorexia & bulliemia.

But weight loss IS NOT easy. Look at me and you can assume that I’m a lazy gluttonous fat pig who has in some way inconvenienced you. But I’m NOT.

I walk for 60-120 minutes A DAY. 5-7 times a week. I eat a vegetarian diet, relatively low carb, sweets in moderation.

So fuck you and your assumptions that all fat people are lazy, gluttonous pigs who are making your precious life hard.

Fuck. You.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Until You’ve Walked In My Shoes

  1. Oh my word! My heart was breaking while reading this and yet I was angry at the same time. Yes, some people who are overweight are lazy and don’t attempt to take care of themselves. That is not to say that’s the case for every overweight person though. Exactly as you said, people have no idea about your story and what has gotten you to where you are or the struggles you deal with on a daily basis. It kills me that someone would tweet such an awful generalization. Keep your chin up! You are a much better person than whoever wrote that and you’re doing an awesome job with trying to look after yourself. F them.

    • exactly! And what killed me was the #diefattydie…. I mean seriously…. I AM that 200+ lb person this tweeter was staring at (not really, but you know what I mean). I’ve been in that position. and it sucks.

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