2.8 from ONEderland

Yeah, I’m stoked about this… Ridiculously excited.

I was talking to my a few of my twitter friends who also do WW this morning about it.

I have not seen a ‘1’ in front of my weight since 2003!

A whole fucking decade of being in the 200s.

So to say the anticipation of seeing that glorious #1 in front of my weight is like the anticipation of Christmas morning is an understatement.

My goal is to hit 199.6 (35 lbs lost – my halfway mark!) by BabyNate’s birthday (end of October). It will be close, but any progress towards that between now and then is winning in my book.

The past month I’ve struggled staying in track. But with the help of my WW friends (THANK YOU RANDI AND CHRISSY!!) I kept plugging along. Times where the old me would’ve thrown in the towel for the week after a bad weigh in or a bad day, I didn’t. All because of the support I’ve had, from them and TheHubs.

So while I may not have had victory on the scale, emotionally there were victories.


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