Jim Dandy

Sunday night I had to run to the store to get milk, and TheHubs kindly ask that I pick up ice cream. Single serve Friendly’s cups to be exact.

‘Yes!’ I exclaimed in my head. ‘Single serve cups!!’

Portion control at it’s finest.

Well, around 8pm or so I decided I’d partake in eating my 9 point cup o’ chocolatey goodness of a single serve Jim Dandy sundae. But I was already over my daily points by 9. And knowing that I probably wouldn’t get in too many walks this week I went back & forth. Talked to my WWBFF who talked me not only down from eating the sundae, but also for not emotional eating (xo Chrissy!)!!

I did, however, take a tiny spoonful of TheHubs’ and you know what?

You sitting down for this?

That satisfied my craving.

Yeah I know. Crazy talk.

Today, I’ve got 15 points left and I’d like to try to limit my weeklies useage just incase I can’t walk a lot this week. So I gave TheHubs permission to eat my Jim Dandy sundae.

Yeah. It’s all sorts of crazy up in here.


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