Queen of Excuses


I has them.

This past weekend it was BabyNate’s first birthday party. We had my parents and my sis in law staying with us. Something about having house guests brings upon anxiety. And anxiety means eating. But it was his first birthday – so it’s ok. Excuse #1.

The day of his party I was getting things done with a bagel (with butter AND cream cheese on it) in one hand, chips in another. We had lots if snacks I wanted out of the house on Monday, so why not eat them now? Excuse #2.

Then there was cake….Tasting the icing. And the poor broken cake – I ate a good deal of it, half not knowing I was actually eating it. So rather than waste it by throwing if out-I ate it. Excuse #3.

Party time! More mindless eating! But I had yet ANOTHER excuse. It was party time. Excuse #4.

And so on and so forth.

This was just Saturday. By Sunday my digestive system was staging a coup. I felt HORRIBLE. Heavy. Sick. Tired.

So what do I do?

Yep. Continue to eat crap.

The mindless eating cycle reared it’s ugly head.

Tuesday I was done. Physically I was sick. Mentally I was pissed. I cried. TheHubs knew I wasn’t happy….

In swoops superHubs!

He promised to go full on diet mode with me until Thanksgiving. Then again from Thanksgiving til Christmas. And then Christmas until the end of January. So 3 solid months of good clean eating with a good support. No giving in to fast food, no crap in the house.


No more excuses.


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