I just want to say “screw this…”

“I’ll start dieting in January…”

But that method hasn’t ever worked.

No time like the present… And all that motivational hooha.

I try to do good & set goals for myself but the moment I make the teensiest of a slip, I crumble like a cookie.

I can give advice on WW, and swear that “it’s easy peasy and it works…” As I am on day 4 of not tracking.

I just don’t get it. The first 30lbs WERE easy. But now I loathe tracking. I don’t want to track. I just want to eat.

But I’m also tired of trying to lose. I want to be DONE. And by done I mean AT GOAL.

I need to follow my own advice…

Deep breaths & refocus.

But that’s easier said than done.


2 thoughts on “I just want to say “screw this…”

  1. You are beautiful and I ❤ you. It's easy to get frustrated and want it to be done. I've been there. But you've done such a great job. Keep pushing. You can do it. Once you bust through this plateau, you'll be back to feeling positive.

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