Just One Last…

Piece of candy…

This past month has been filled with more last cookies/snacks/meals/candy than I can count.

Every day seems to have a ‘just this one last (insert yummy goodness here)’.

How many last meals does one need? Seriously.

One thing I forget so easily, yet am so quick to remind others of, is that WeightWatchers allows for those ‘lasts’. Points are flexible. Weekly points are there for a reason. But for some reason my mindset lately is that if I indulge in something the whole day is screwed so why bother counting? I’ll just start over tomorrow, which quickly turns to yesterday….

And being so close to Christmas/New Years, I’m in the ‘why bother now? I’ll just start in January!!1!!!1!’ But like the ‘lasts’… January quickly turns into February, then April… Then November.

So today starts ‘firsts’…

My first day back on tracking. My first healthy meal. My first low point snack…

Not sure if it’s a mindset thing, but ‘firsts’ seem more positive than ‘lasts’.


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