The ‘less-than-stellar’ dieter

I sucked majorly at dieting or even just watching what I ate over the last month.

I failed horribly at applying self control.

I allowed myself to fall victim to ‘just this once…’ Over a dozen times.

I ate meat. Yes. Bad vegetarian, I know.

Knowing full well that I was having my A1C checked on December 26th, I still managed to eat like a freaking fat banshee.

And instead of sticking with my original ‘back on track’ day of January 6th, I started on the 1st. Because stepping on the scale at the drs and seeing a gain of 5lbs in the past month pissed me off.

So I began tracking, with incentives (stickers, because who doesn’t love shiny foil star stickers?!). We (me & my #wwbff) have 4 goals a month that we assign colored stars to and place each one in our planner daily or weekly. This month, daily goals are 60oz+ of water a day, and tracking honestly. Weekly goals are rice/pasta/quinoa < three times a week and 25APs.

Now, granted all 3 days I've gone over my points… But I TRACKED. Honestly too. I'm just hoping to get back on the horse and can keep making improvements each day.

Now, I bet you're wondering about my bloodwork, eh?

My a1c is 5.2! My drs want me <6.0, so this is awesome. And honestly I was expecting it to go up from the 5.2 I had in May 2013.

However, my LDLs are a tad high at 110 (I LOVE BUTTER), putting me in the 'near best' category. Best/optimal is <100. So that's something that I need to take seriously….

My goal for January is to track for 31 days and get moving again. I've become so lazy since it got cold. And to blog more consistently. I tend to slack when I'm bad… Oopsies.

So here's to making 2014 the year I hit goal. #operationhgw is in full effect.


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