Cookies. I did not eat them.

So, the few days leading up to AF (Aunt Flo), I’m a ravenous,  insanely irritable,  easily annoyed biotch.

And that’s putting it nicely.

I’m convinced I have PMDD, but that’s a whole ‘nother post…. but part of the lovely side effects of PMDD is hunger.  And irritability.  Perfect combo for someone who emotional eats and is trying to lose weight.

Add in an adorably cute, teething, fussbucket 14 month old,  and I give you the perfect storm.

All I wanted to do today was either punch someone (not that I would actually do that, but it’s that horrible angsty feeling) or eat cookies.

In my pantry sat a box of Joe Joe’s. Or as I like to call them, my crack. There were 6 left. Knowing I wanted to avoid eating them after I put The Smoosh to bed, I pulled out 2 for my snack.

I stared at the last 4 lovingly.  Wondering if my lovely husband would eat them and then I’d be Joe Joeless. Fear.  Fear of no more Joe Joe’s.

An irratonal fear.

But I put that box back in the pantry, complete with the last 4 Joe Joe’s and promptly slapped a blue NSV star in my planner.  Because not throat punching someone and not eating cookies out of fear is a NSV.


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