January down… Next up, February!

January was a toughie. I started at 207, and ended at 202. Not bad, but could be better.  I thought about making excuses,  but the truth is, there are no excuses.  There’s no reason I can not give WW 100% effort.

February has already had its hiccups….

We had planned on dinner out on the 1st for TheHubs’ birthday dinner,  but Outback had a 65 minute wait!! So we opted for panera. Which, shame on me for not checking beforehand,  I ordered the fontina grilled cheese. 27 points for a damn sammich!

Then tonight is the Super Bowl… I redeemed myself by making a low point taco dip, measuring out EVERYTHING.  I also baked TheHubs’ birthday cake AND DID NOT LICK THE BOWL.

Ive used only 3 weeklies today, putting me at 31 used for this week. And I know tomorrow will be hard, as we’ve decided to go out for TheHubs’ birthday dinner, again. So chances are all 49 of my weeklies will be eaten by tomorrow. But its motivation to get on my bike…. 


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