I’m far from perfect

This weight loss thing is HARD.  I’m trying to change habits. 25 year old habits. It’s tiresome and emotionally draining.

Tonight is one night where I feel like I’ve failed.  Heck, this whole weekend has been a flop.

It started Saturday when we were supposed to go out to Outback for TheHubs’ birthday dinner. I budgeted my points knowing I’d have to use weeklies, but it was ok.


A 65 minute wait at 530pm doesn’t jive with a teething 15 month old. So we opted for Panera, or as me and my wwbff like to call “devil’s bread”. And that it was.

I could’ve looked up points. There was no excuse. I could’ve gotten a salad or 1/2 sandwich. But nooooooooo…… I opted for the 27 POINT FONTINA GRILLED CHEESE. Between that and 15 points of baguette,  I blew it.

Sunday I fared better, using only 3 weeklies! I also rode the bike. We stayed home since it was Super Bowl Sunday,  so I ate better.

Then came today. We decided to do TheHubs’ bday dinner. I had a plan. But once we got there I deviated.  Bad. However, a year ago the damage would’ve been far worse.

I’ve used 60 weeklies in 3 days. I know its a deficit I can’t overcome. But rather than let it tailspin,  I’m forgetting it even happened. I’ve logged my points and am starting tomorrow with a fresh mentality. It’s easy to say screw this at this point but what good will it do to keep on that path of destruction?

Thankfully,  this was just an off weekend and the next crazy one is probably weeks or months away. And maybe next time I’ll plan a but better.

It’s all baby steps….


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