Real Feels

As my one year on WW approaches, I can’t help but feel annoyed. Disappointed. Angry. Tired. Frustrated. Sad. And a tiny bit happy.

I’m annoyed at myself. Annoyed that I’ve become lazy since the cold weather hit. Annoyed that I’ve hit a self-inflicted plateau.

I’m disappointed at the amount if times I’ve had to ‘start fresh’. Disappointed that I can’t take 30 minutes for myself to exercise.

I’m angry with myself for partially throwing in the towel and being happy with maintaining.

I’m tired. Tired of trying to lose weight, but even more tired of being fat.

I’m frustrated that I feel this way and that I’m being stupid and not making a better effort.

I’m sad that I make so many excuses. So many fucking excuses.

But I am happy that I have lost 30lbs and am maintaining….

But clearly I need to refocus and make time and make weight loss a higher priority than some things that have crept up above weight loss…


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