No More Coffee Oblivion

In my last bout with weight loss, I lost 90lbs on WeightWatchers. And I drank coffee, probably a lot. More than the normal human should consume.

But one thing I never did was counted it into my points, even though I used cream. But it worked, the coffee oblivion method. Atleast at that point it worked.

I’ve been doing some thinking, and while my diet overall is good, I’ve maintained the past 12 weeks. Which sucks. But it also coincided with an increase in my coffee intake. So I counted the TBSP it takes to get one coffee the way I’ve been drinking it for the past 3 months.




That’s 3 points. PER CUP. and at 3-4 cups a day, thats 9-12 POINTS I’m not counting.

So no more coffee oblivion. From now on, I’ll be measuring out 2 TBSP for each cup and COUNTING it….


One thought on “No More Coffee Oblivion

  1. One thing that helps me with the coffee creamer is the salad measurer WW sells. It measures out a perfect 2 tablespoons. Just fill that up with your creamer, now you don’t have to worry about measuring first thing in the morning 🙂

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