I survived valentine’s day?


We decided to celebrate it on Saturday.  So the day started out great… light breakfast, light lunch in preparation for dinner out.

What we didn’t account for was snow. Another 3″ ontop of the 20″ we already have. And our driveway, our hilly driveway, had a good 3″ already on it. My suv does NOT have 4wd.

TheHubs tried backing out. My little Dhali was doing great til he misjudged and backed into a snowbank. Right on the verge of going off the driveway and into the little culvert.

Needless to say, it was 630pm and he just got Dhali out after an hour of digging.  Dinner out was out if the question with a hungry toddletot.

We opted for chinese. He took out his truck (it has 4wd), and brought home chinese.

And I did not binge eat or stress eat the whole time.

All was good.

Until I woke up at 3am. My hands were swollen and itchy. I had to take off my rings and spent the next hour awake trying not to scratch my fingers off.

No more chinese for me.

Bonus: webhad leftover chinese & cupcakes. I did not touch them.


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